We provide a new SaaS product based on data and AI. Fairlyne enables reservation businesses to understand the real need of their customers, determine why they are leaving the booking funnel, and act in real time to push personalized content.

Never lose a customer again


  • Understand abandoners reasons
  • Benefit from an exit-intent technology built for booking engines
  • Get new contacts for your CRM


  • Push personalized content for every abandoner
  • Manage each lead individually
  • Automatically activate commercial levers


  • Benefits from a one-of-a-kind data
  • Track conversion
  • Monitor value & analytics

What we do

We plug into your website & apps, and start working automatically.

Our clients


For every independent hotel & hotel chain direct channels


For every railway, bus & airline digital channels


Coming soon, please contact us 🙂

AI at the heart of our product

We created an amazing algorithm. It can identify reasons of abandonments and adress each customer with an adapted proposal.

We deliver advanced use cases

Waiting list

  • Benefit from real time dequeueing & messaging
  • Riskless alternative of overbooking

Low price alert

  • Create waiting list based on price criteria
  • Satisfy price-sensitive customers

No Flex rate optimization

  • Detect possible no shows
  • Resell no shows & optimize revenus

What we provide?

Fairlyne has been designed to be easy to integrate.
We enrich your distribution stack with new capabilities.

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