Your booking engine is not perfect. Instead of losing interested visitors, we can help you transform them into hot leads to call back.

Never lose a customer again


The Fairlyne widget is embedded within hotelbooking engines. In a contextualized way, it appears at the right moment and invites him to interact.

  • Targets abondoners only
  • Understands abandoners reasons
  • Generates qualified lead and new contacts for your CRM


Hotels receive hots leads in real-time, and can call them back to convert them into happy guests.

  • Call back manager with a lead board
  • Contextualized data to optimize conversion


Track all additionnal revenue created by Fairlyne. Understand why some of your visitors leave your website without making a reservation.

  • Benefits from new valuable data for your marketing
  • Track conversion
  • Monitor value & analytics

What we do

Once activated on your booking engine, Fairlyne will automatically send you hot leads to convert.

Our clients

Large Chain

Use our API interface to build a dedicated experience.

Small chain& independant

Activate Fairlyne in your existing booking engine.


Advanced use case with waiting list and NoShow optimisation

AI at the heart of our product

In a contextualized and personalized way, widget appears at the right moment during the more interested abandoner’s journey and invites them to interact.

Advanced conversion cockpit

Easy to useinterface

Choose adapted parameters for your business.


Direct data visibility to make your call a success.


Increase conversion rate with contextual recommendations.

Your Toolkit

Activate Fairlyne in a day!
Fairlyne is natively integrated in many booking engine softwares.
We enrich your distribution stack with new capabilities.

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