Flex alongside your customer’s plans and unlock more profit

Plans change. Life happens. Now, you can make the most of it.
Your second-hand ticket marketplace offers clients more options.

Create Happy Customers

Customers who want to purchase a sold-out service can simply subscribe to the marketplace waiting list and receive an email notification when a ticket becomes available. Ont he other hand, the original owner of the ticket gets a voucher when it sells, which they can use towards their next booking.

Make More Sales

When a new customer buys a ticket on the marketplace, the original customer gets a voucher… and you profit from the difference.
The marketplace also functions flawlessly alongside your existing overbooking tool, enabling you to truly optimize sales.

The result? Everyone’s needs are met.

New customers get access to a ticket even when you’re sold out.

The initial booking owner gets a voucher for their next ticket.

Your company makes another sale with no risk of overbooking.

Everyone avoids third-party second-hand market scams.


Be like OUIGO: sell 35 extra tickets a week

OUIGO carries 20 million passengers per year. Thanks to the Fairlyne marketplace, they sold 35 more tickets per week without the risk of using an overbooking solution. With Fairlyne’s white-hat SaaS marketplace solution, you too can benefit from more sales than ever before.

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to start selling extra tickets every week like Ouigo

A seamless integration powered by our team’s technical expertise

Benefit from an expert integration team skillfully deploying our proven marketplace solution

Cost Efficient Implementation

We deploy your marketplace 6 times quicker than an in-house build. Our prices reflect this shorter timeline, which means a cost-friendly and time-efficient implementation.

Clear Roadmap

Strategic planning based on your unique business enables us to formulate a clear roadmap.

On-Demand Support

Access a friendly support team that is ready to help you with any concerns or queries over the course of the implementation and beyond.

Our clients


For efficiency in a complex network


For both leisure and business flights


For the long-distance market


For small and large brands


For both promoters and distributors


For regular line operators

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Access risk-free revenue generation

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

  • Retain customers with vouchers
  • Limit the 3rd party secondhand ticket market

Generate additional cash-flow

  • Deliver flexibility when profitable
  • Sell more bookings at the highest price

Decrease Sales Risk

  • Avoid overbookings by reselling unwanted bookings
  • No compensation without a new buyer

Your marketplace can be extremely profitable

when combined with yield management

The price of back-market bookings


The compensation for a non-refundable booking


Additional income generated

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